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At Quantum Flower Farm, we are excited to offer our CSA Bucket Share 8 week Subscription for QuantumBlooms and Delightful Abundance. By joining our subscription, you will receive a bucket of beautiful, freshly harvested flowers every week for 8 weeks in spring thru autmn. Our CSA Bucket Share is perfect for those who want to bring the joy of fresh, locally grown flowers into their home or office on a regular basis. Each bucket will feature a delightful abundance of seasonal blooms, hand-picked from our farm to provide a stunning array of colors and scents. Join our CSA Bucket Share and experience the beauty and magic of QuantumBlooms and Delightful Abundance with Quantum Flower Farm.

CSA Bucket Share 8 week Subscription

  •  Here are some valuable tips for caring for cut flowers, straight from our Quantum Blooms farm:


    • Clean Buckets and Water Matter:

      • Place our Quantum Blooms directly into clean buckets. This practice significantly impacts the beauty and bounty of the flowers.
    • Trim Stems Before Arranging:

      • For bulk or bucket flowers, trim at least half an inch off the stem before arranging them in a vase.
      • Freshly cut stems absorb water more efficiently, and trimming eliminates bacteria buildup or trapped air at the stem tip.
    • Secure Transport:

      • When transporting flowers, ensure each bucket is securely positioned to prevent wobbling, shaking, or tipping.
      • Opt for tall, narrow buckets appropriate for each variety, ensuring petals remain unscathed.
    • Vase Care:

      • Make a fresh cut in each stem before placing them in a vase.
      • Remove any foliage that will be submerged below the water line.
      • Keep your vase as clean as you would your wine glass or tea cup.
      • Position your bouquet away from direct sunlight and drafts.
      • Regularly replenish water every day or two 1.

    Remember, locally grown, fresh, and seasonal cut flowers are superior to those shipped from afar. So, embrace the Quantum Blooms lcally grown mantra and enjoy your beautiful blooms! 

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