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In Feng Shui, peonies are considered one of the most auspicious flowers and symbolize love, prosperity, and beauty! These Kings of the Blooms are considered to be symbols of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. The peony is considered a royal flower of romance and grace.

Peonies can also represent romantic luck and desire. Their full, luscious blooms embody a lot of passion. It can be auspicious to place peonies in a place like your living room with the intention of inviting a new partner for yourself or your children.

There are many ways you can incorporate the symbol of peonies into your home’s feng shui.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden where you can plant peonies, this is a wonderful way to bring their vibrant energy into your space. Your home’s entry is one of the most important places from a feng shui perspective. This is the first place you see when you come home, and the last place you see when you leave. Your entry door is also known as the mouth of qi because it is how qi, or energy, enters your home. To uplift this area and create a positive and welcoming point of entry, try adding a bouquet of peonies.

Romance-promoting red peonies symbolize passion and desire. White peonies are said to aid with fertility, and pink peonies might do wonders for your romantic luck. The love corner of your bedroom is to the far right of its entrance, so maybe place your peonies there strategically

A long-standing symbol of love and beauty, many believe the peony to be a kind of love potion. Passionates can either wear the flower in their hair or pinned to their clothing. Couples use peonies as symbolic love enhancers, believing the presence of peonies attracts abundance and stronger feelings of commitment!

Pink is associated with romance. It is a mixture of red and white and therefore derives qualities from both of these colors. Red symbolizes carnal passion, love, and romance, while white symbolizes purity, innocence, hope, and openness. By displaying pink peonies, they invoke innocence, purity, hope, and carnal love.

When you need to slow down and get organized, peony is your gal. I especially love to add flowers to my baths whenever I feel I need to ground myself. When mixed with the water, they fill me with calm blissful feeling and vitality,

Peony wants to help you connect with your ancestors, as she understands the importance of knowledge passed down over time. You can make a tea of peony by bringing some water to a boil and steeping the petals for 10-15 minutes. Place this tea on your altar as an offering and a gateway - she will invite them, creating a safe space for communication. If a peony appears in your dreams, that means good fortune is on its way.

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