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Spring delights in the name of Lilac and Iris Blooms for Quantum Leaping

Quantum Leaping is a new spring initiative from Quantum Blooms that celebrates the joy of blooming. This week's theme is Irises and Lilacs.

Spring is delightfully here in full swing with heavenly scents of floral blooms. It is high time to celebrate with Flower Feelings in the name of Lilacs and Irises. Quantum1219 Team has been splendidly creating unforgettable spring moments for All this week. Lilacs are one of those blooms that people instantly fall in love with. They have an intoxicating heavenly scent that takes us back to our innocent childhood when we first smelled them. Its heavenly scent feels delicate and as though it could disappear in an instant, but it actually lasts beyond space and time.

Lilacs are edible... Lilac blossoms with honey make a wonderful fragrant delightful spring treat. Lilacs were once used to treat Kidney disease and can be useful as a potent astringent. Steeping the flowers in distilled water, we can use it as a toner for healthy skin care.

Having lilacs growing in or around our homes will bring in potent positive vibes and joyful energies. Lilacs are smart, witty, and carry divine wisdom. Dreaming lilacs symbolizes new beginnings. The scent of lilac alone is pure magic. It can help us quickly receive answers to any questions we may have. It is simply done with loving intent as we hum and inhale the scent of lilac blossoms bouquet. On the third hum and breathing in her scent, ask her the question. She will give you an image with her answer.

We love Irises too! Its essential properties are awareness, intuition, and spiritual development. Its bloom has three drooping sepals, each of these stands for faith, wisdom, and valor. She can connect us to our higher selves, the divine wisdom flowing within us. Just splendidly staring at her array of colors, patterns, and presence brings the spirit inward and reminds us of the beauty this life has to offer. When we feel down as life hits hardcore and we need a reminder of Magic, keep Iris by our side. She will keep us safe until we feel whole again. If Iris visits us in a dream, know that we have an important mission on this Earth. She comes to remind us to keep going, keep rising, and keep expanding.

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