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Experience the splendid joy of our Bouquet of Peonies, lovingly grown and hand-picked at our flower farm. Known as the King of Blooms, peonies are a symbol of love, happiness, and prosperity, making them the perfect choice for any occasion. This stunning bouquet features a variety of peony colors, from vibrant pinks to soft whites, creating a visually exquisite arrangement. Each bloom is carefully arranged to showcase the natural beauty and fragrance of these luxurious flowers. Bring the essence of splendorand delights  into your home with our Bouquet of Peonies and let the regal charm of these blooms brighten your day.

King of Blooms: Bouquet of Peonies

  • Peonies are not only stunning but also carry rich symbolism. They represent romance, compassion, prosperity, good fortune, and happy marriages. Let’s dive into some care tips to ensure your peony bouquet blooms to its full potential:

    • Fresh Start: As soon as your peonies arrive, start their care. Trim the stems at an angle and place them in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Remove any leaves that would be submerged.

    • Water:  Keep the water level just below the blooms to prevent rot. Change the water every 2-3 days to maintain freshness.

    • Sunlight: Place your peony bouquet in a bright spot with indirect sunlight. They love natural light but avoid direct exposure to harsh rays.

    • Support: Some peonies have heavy heads that may flop over. Choose varieties with stronger stems or use floral supports to keep them upright.

    • Temperature: Peonies thrive in cool environments. Keep them away from heat sources like radiators or direct sunlight.

    • Longevity: To extend their life, trim the stems every few days and change the water. Warm water can help them open up faster.

    Remember, caring for peonies is like nurturing a precious gem—handle them with love, and they’ll reward you with their exquisite beauty!

  • Deliveries are available to local area in the NY Capital region for a reasonable nominal fee. Pick up location at the farm site at 315 Albany Shaker Rd Albany NY 12211 .

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