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This Mother's Day, show your appreciation for the best mom in the universe with our Splendid Gift of Love and Joy bouquet. Our Quantum Flower Farm has carefully hand-picked the most vibrant and beautiful blooms to create a stunning arrangement that will bring a smile to your mom's face. Each bouquet is lovingly arranged to reflect the joy and love your mom has brought into your life. Let us help you express your gratitude and love with this exquisite bouquet from our Quantum Flower Farm. Surprise and delight your mom with a truly special and heartfelt gift this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Bouquet

  • Certainly! Taking care of a Mother’s Day bouquet ensures that those beautiful blooms last as long as possible. Here are some expert-backed tips to keep your floral gift fresh and vibrant:

    • Remove the Packaging: When you receive the bouquet, remove any ribbons, film, or paper. Properly unwrapping the flowers allows you to care for them effectively.

    • Prepare the Vase: Use a clean and disinfected vase. Wash it thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt. A clean vase helps prevent bacteria growth, which can shorten the flowers’ lifespan.

    • Use Clean Water: Fill the vase with clean or filtered cold water. Add a few drops of a mild disinfectant (like Domestos) to prevent bacterial growth. Don’t worry; it won’t harm the flowers.

    • Remove Leaves: Trim excess leaves from the stems. Anything submerged in water will rot, so removing leaves prevents bacterial contamination.

    • Prune the Stems: Cut each stem at a 45-degree angle using a sharp knife. Longer cuts allow better water absorption. For thick stems, consider making an additional vertical incision.

    • Change Water Daily: Refresh the water every day and trim the stems slightly. This simple step significantly prolongs the bouquet’s life.

    • Cold Bath: If you notice wilting, prune the flowers and place them in a clean bath with very cold water overnight. They’ll perk up by morning.

    • Placement Matters: Keep the bouquet away from heaters, drafts, direct sunlight, and ripe fruits. These factors can affect the flowers’ freshness.

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